"Our new clinic address is No.6, 6th avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai-83. Consultation is available at this address by appointment at 7:00 PM" - "HEALTH TIPS": Systemic followup of symptoms. Proper observation of symptoms and recording of the same. Proper diet and exercise/yoga. Attenders involvement/care/contribution for the patients. Awareness about the diseases they have. Follow doctor’s instructions scrupulously. - Care by the attenders help the patients physically, emotionally and psychologically. - "First aid for epilepsy" • Do not crowd the patient • Shifting the patient from places like roads, steps to safe places is otherwise not required • Lay the patient to one side allowing them to breathe easily and salivate. • A pillow or soft cloth can be placed under their heads • Objects like glass, furniture, sharp objects should be removed to avoid any injury • Do not feed the patient at that time with food, water or medicine • They can be observed and allowed to come to consciousness on their own • The patients can be helped to fill their observation diary. - "Details to be observed by the patient/attender to help themselves/doctor to enable a speedy recovery" • Note date, time, number of and duration of episodes • Whether the episode was during sleep or not • State of mind during/after the episode • Awareness of the attack • Any disorientations • Any body stiffness – if so which part of the body • Any twitching of muscles or weakness of muscles • Any fall or injury during the attack • Uncontrolled movements if any • Unusual taste or smell if any • Any observation of bright light before the attack • Any urine/stools discharge during the attack • Any change in the duration of sleep and/or sleeplessness • Any mental stress during/after the attack • Any illness or fever on or before the attack • Changes in food habits • Amount of liquor intake a few days before the attack • Any medicine intake without being prescribed by a doctor • Any unusual activity on or before the attack • Periods time to be noted to relate with hormonal changes if any • Any non-compliance with medication of the prescribed medicine • Other miscellaneous details • Regular follow-up during pregnancy and change of dose or medication if necessary • In females, if conception occurs inform the doctor immediately.


Third colloquium of Beyond Brain….


Third Beyond Brain Colloquium


”PEARLS IN NEUROLOGY” held at Saveetha Medical College on 10 th August 2015


”PEARLS IN NEUROLOGY” held at Saveetha Medical College on 10 th August 2015


”PEARLS IN NEUROLOGY” held at Saveetha Medical College on 10 th August 2015